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Q.  Do you make personalized items or take special orders?

A.  Absolutely!

There are some conditions however.  All of our items are created using upcycled materials and for that reason, each piece we create is unique.  What this means is that there may only be a single style of vintage bottle, hook, container, etc.  Additionally, we do not use the same cut of wood on every item therefore, not all stains, shapes, thickness, and type will ever be identical to another.  Aside from the particular base item, yes, we can make personalized items with names, dates, etc.

Q. I do not see a particular type of decor I am looking for within your gallery.  Can you make other items that are not pictured?

A.  There are a variety of candles and home/garden decor we can make that may not be pictured.  If there is something particular you are searching for, or perhaps you have a sentimental item you would like to include within a newly created item, please contact us.

Q.  Do you ship?

A.  We can ship your order utilizing a variety of carriers for an additional fee.

Q.  My wooden wick candle will not stay lit.  What should I do?

A.  The wick is most likely too long.  Trim the wooden wick with a pair of nail clippers to about 1/8".  Light the wick and burn it long enough for the wax to pool to the edge of the container.  This can be about 2 hours.  After that, you won't have to burn it that long every time.  This initial burn time prevents the wax from tunneling, which is where the wax turns into a hole in the center and does not melt evenly.  Each time you burn your candle, make sure to trim the wick again to about 1/8" which will remove the burnt area.  (For other wicks, keep trimmed to about 1/2".)

Q.  Do you have local pick up?

A. Local pick up is always a great option!  It saves on those shipping costs and saves time getting your order.  Ordering from out of town?  Make sure to check out our upcoming craft fairs.  We may be coming to your area and can bring your order with us!

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